Al Sharif Advocates & Legal Consultants advises clients in employment and Labour Law matters. We have been appointed by certain reputed groups for an advisory role for developing, implementing and maintaining appropriate internal policies and procedures to deal with employment and labour issues. We are proud of our innovative approach to labour board and grievance arbitration issues i.e. maximizing opportunities to engage in dispute resolution.

In cases where hearing is inevitable, our approach is to conduct it in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner to produce favourable results.

labour law

labour law

This area of practice includes:

  • Employment agreements

  • Compensation arrangements

  • Human resource management policies and procedures

  • Termination of employment

  • Agreement for managing directors and board members

  • Employment standards

  • Occupational health and safety

  • Workplace safety and insurance claims

labour Law

Labour and Insurance Law are rated among the most well-established areas of our practice. Through research, court appearances and contacts, we stay abreast of developments in these areas, and in turn deliver our knowledge to our clients.