A Commercial Agency is a provision in the UAE Law allowing a foreign company to carry out its marketing and selling activities in the country without having a physical presence here. The UAE Commercial Agencies Law regulates the appointment of commercial agents, sales representatives, and distributors in the UAE.

Our Commercial Agency and related disputes practice excels at navigating contracts to derive maximum benefit for the client. We also specialize in resolving any disputes arising from such arrangements.

It is not compulsory for a foreign entity to appoint a commercial agent; however, a Registered Commercial Agency is given substantial protection under the UAE law. Although transaction disputes arising from unregistered agency contracts cannot be enforced through the courts, the claims can be heard under the UAE Civil or Commercial Law or the foreign entity can secure the method of payment through Letter of Credit or enter into a separate side agreement specifying the method of payment. Thus it is advisable to seek competent legal counsel while drafting Commercial Agency Agreement and appointing a distributor or agent.

Commercial Agency