Construction Law

Construction and Real Estate development in the UAE is a dynamic phenomenon. As new projects are being introduced and developed, the demand for expert counsel on Construction Law is also growing.  A Construction Law Contract (being the enforceable obligation between the Employer and the Contractor) is the legal foundation of any construction project.

At Al Sharif Advocates, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Sharif, the Managing Partner of the Firm also serves as head of the Firm’s Construction Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution Groups. His practice covers more than 35 years’ experience over a broad range of commercial and contract disputes as well as civil litigation with a primary focus on Construction Law. Under his guidance, our legal practice on Construction Law encompasses but is not limited to the following:

  • Explaining the relevant law and its provisions to the employer/contractor

  • Providing employer/contractor with the understanding and proper usage of essential provisions required in a contract

  • Stressing the importance of a proper contract and assuring compliance with it

  • Navigating the legal process in the right direction for both public and private projects

  • Legal services for disputes related to time adherence, output, impact, costs, differing site conditions and default

  • Drafting and negotiation of complex construction contracts and advising on bond and bank guarantee issues

  • Ensuring implementation of all types of construction delivery systems  

Real Estate Development

Al Sharif Advocates advises clients on legal issues involved in buying, selling, developing, financing, restructuring, building, leasing and managing properties. We represent national/ international buyers, sellers, lenders, architects and contractors of all types of Real Estate projects. The Firm has acquired extensive experience in representing tenants and landlords in drafting and negotiating commercial leases in the UAE. Our Real Estate practice includes the following:

  • Advice on purchase and sale of residential and commercial Real Property

  • Tenancy contracts

  • Long-term lease and management agreements

  • Construction contracts

  • Real Estate financing

  • Hotels and resorts investments

  • Real Estate disputes